Russian engineer stole secret information from Tesla

 Russian engineer stole secret information from Tesla

Tesla has sued ex-employee Alexander Yatskov to the ships, he is accused of stealing secret documents about the company's supercomputer.

Bloobmberg reports that Russian Alexander Yatskov worked in of the company as a thermal engineer since January 2022 in the Dojo supercomputer development project. When hired, Tesla says engineers sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from distributing or storing confidential information about the project.

According to Bloomberg, Yatskov is accused of downloading information about the supercomputer to his personal devices.

“Yatskov violated this agreement by deleting confidential Tesla information from work devices and accounts, accessing it on his personal devices, and creating Tesla documents containing confidential information about the Dojo project on his personal computer", — The company said in a statement.

It is noted that the suspect admitted to keeping classified information on personal devices when the company's management stated that they knew about what was happening.

Since April 6, Yatskov was sent to on administrative leave and was required to bring his devices to the company so that Tesla could recover the stolen information. The suspect brought a laptop, but it turned out to be “fictitious” and lacked the information in question.

Yatskov resigned of his own accord on May 2.

Tesla then applied to the court and demanded that the former employee pay damages and compensate for the damage caused to the company. In addition, Tesla intends to obtain a court order that would oblige Yatskov to return the stolen information.

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