Russian director Lisovsky detained immediately after 15 days of arrest

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 Russian director Lisovsky was detained immediately after 15 days of arrest

The director of the “Theater of the Transitional Period” Vsevolod Lisovsky was detained at the exit from the detention center, where he was serving 15 days of administrative arrest. A new report has been drawn up against the director, his daughter Eva Lisovskaya said.

According to Lisovskaya, her father is now in the police department of the Temporary Detention Center for Foreign Citizens in the village of Sakharovo. He is charged with disobedience to law enforcement officers because of his refusal to get into a police car. According to the girl, the court session will take place on February 27.

Information about the detention and the new protocol against Lisovsky was also confirmed by the lawyer from “OVD-Info” Alan Kachmazov.

Vsevolod Lisovsky was detained on the morning of February 10, 2023. On the evening of the same day, the court sentenced the director to 15 days of arrest under a protocol of disobedience to police officers.

In May and September 2022, Lisovsky was detained twice during a performance based on the play by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht “Fear and Despair in Third Empire”. In November, the court fined the director 50,000 rubles under a protocol on “discredit” Russian army.

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