“Russian Deltakron”: a new strain of COVID was discovered in the Russian Federation

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 "Russian Deltacron": a new strain of COVID has been discovered in Russia

A new strain of coronavirus has been identified in Russia – a hybrid of strains "Delta" and “Omicron”, which scientists have already nicknamed the “Russian Deltacron”.

American scientist Dmitry Pruss told RBC that viruses combining the genomes of Delta strains and "Omicron", are very rare, because the strain "Delta" has practically disappeared.

According to him, a hybrid virus was found in the latest downloads of genomic data from St. Petersburg.

The scientist stressed that a similar coronavirus hybrid has not been detected in any other country. Pruss suggests that this indicates that Russia is the home of the new strain.

“Whether the newly discovered 'Russian Deltacron' is dangerous remains to be determined. It is not known if it can outcompete other strains. It is also unknown whether it can cause severe COVID,” said Dmitry Pruss.

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