Russian Defense Ministry stopped supplying PMC “Wagner”

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 Russian Defense Ministry stopped supplying PMC "Wagner"

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Mercenaries of the artillery unit of PMC "Wagner" in Ukraine, they complained that they were completely cut off from the supply of ammunition.

A corresponding video message from the Russian “Wagnerites” was published online.

“At the moment, we have an acute shortage of ammunition for howitzers, also for the MT-12 anti-tank gun, for the T-72 tank, also for the 120th mortar. We appeal to our colleagues and friends from the Ministry of Defense. We are sure that somewhere in the warehouses there is this ammunition, and we are in dire need of it. We will be extremely grateful if you assist us, help us and supply this ammunition,” the video message says.

On Friday, February 17, PMC founder Yevgeny Prigozhin confirmed the authenticity of the video. According to him, the mercenaries really faced problems with all kinds of ammunition. “Putin's Chef” assured that this problem is currently being solved.

“As for normal deliveries, I went around all the offices in Moscow that I know of and will continue to do so until the guys get everything that they need. Even if they put me in handcuffs in one of the offices and imprison me for the so-called “discrediting the army”
, Prigozhin said.

reported that the RF Ministry of Defense is not issuing ammunition to mercenaries due to the failure in Vugledar.

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