Russian bombers intercepted near Alaska

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 Russian bombers intercepted near Alaska

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North American Air Defense Forces intercepted several Russian strategic bombers and fighter jets as they flew over international airspace near Alaska, NORAD Aerospace Defense Command said.
The aircraft, which was identified on Monday, did not entered US or Canadian airspace and posed no threat, the joint US-Canadian Center said in a Feb. 14 statement.

“NORAD anticipated this Russian activity. Two NORAD F-16 fighter jets intercepted Russian aircraft”,– the message says. “NORAD regularly monitors the movement of foreign aircraft and escorts them if necessary”.

Russia said on Wednesday that it has made several flights over international waters in recent days, including in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia .Two Russian Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers flew over the Bering Sea accompanied by Su-30 aircraft.

“Long-range aviation pilots regularly fly over the neutral waters of the Arctic, the North Atlantic, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Pacific ocean”,– Russia's Defense Ministry said.

Although Russia has flown over the Bering Sea before, its neighbors in the region have become more concerned about Moscow's military activity since its invasion of Ukraine last year.

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