Russian athletes carried a ridiculous naked photo shoot: “Cover there is nothing”

Российских спортсменов разнесли за нелепую голую фотосессию: "Прикрывать-то нечего"

Russian athletes became the object of ridicule after participating in a candid photo shoot in honor of the fifth anniversary of the opening of the XXII winter Olympic games in Sochi

This is the anniversary of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) decided to celebrate not hide copy-paste from a completely inappropriate photographs of naked participants of the Games, played for Russia.

Photo galleries from 17 shots already managed to defeat not only Internet users, but also the Russian mass media.

Российских спортсменов разнесли за нелепую голую фотосессию: "Прикрывать-то нечего"

For starters you publish the description of the photo shoot, which leads the official website of the ROC.

“February 7, 2014 opened in Sochi XXII winter Olympic games. In honor of the fifth anniversary of the Olympics, Team Russia, is a unique gallery of Andrey Golovanov and Sergey Kivrin. Athletes who glorified our country at those Games, and those who might have the chance in Beijing in 2022. So you haven’t seen them yet!”

The first thing that catches the eye is the term “unique”. For starters, you can accept, really, in some ways, these pictures are unique – difficult to remember such low-level photoshop and the lack of any General idea in the pictures of the main sports organizations in the country.

Российских спортсменов разнесли за нелепую голую фотосессию: "Прикрывать-то нечего"

The quality of the picture, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Andrei Golovanov and Sergei Kivrin – known Russian photographers, with many years of experience. On this basis, it is unclear why they decided to implement his idea in such a cheap style – using processing in photoshop (images from the Sochi Games very clumsily pasted on a white sheet of paper that keep athletes).

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If you look at the pictures in General, that “uniqueness” is absolutely no. It is an obvious curve blueprint the American sports channel ESPN.

On their website each year publishes “The Body Issue” — pictures of athletes with the same idea (naked photo), but with a completely different implementation – quality and emphasizing the characteristics of each athlete. Pictures were made in art, and at the same time in a sober sporty style, with well-chosen locations, etc.

Российских спортсменов разнесли за нелепую голую фотосессию: "Прикрывать-то нечего"

“Athletes who glorified our country at the Games” — quite the contrary. At least four of screenshots athlete was caught using banned drugs – doping. Some of them suspended from participation in Games, and some deprived of all medals obtained at the Olympics in Sochi.

Semen Yelistratov in March 2016 in the sample is detected Meldonium, removed from the Game, Alexander Tretyakov – barred for life and stripped of his gold medal win in Sochi, Viktor Ahn is also suspended by the International Olympic Committee, Nadezhda Widerker – suspended from the Olympics in Pyeongchang, all results cancelled.

Российских спортсменов разнесли за нелепую голую фотосессию: "Прикрывать-то нечего"

Russian edition also not spared by the vaunted photo shoot. On their website they wrote:

“Two of the most respected and almost legendary photographer has prepared a gift for sports fans something truly unique: a strange, disgusting quality of photoshop and just absolutely inappropriate selection of Nude Russian athletes. Not only that, this is not too much artistic value, so sluggish “cbsie” shots and flavored with clumsy handling and photos of the 2014 Olympics, that’s just a rough superimposed layers on top of blank sheets of paper in the hands of the athletes. Strange and simply substandard work raises some important questions: “to Whom it was profitable?” and “do Not be ashamed if OCD over this?”. There is no doubt that the great sporting events worth noting in this format and execution…”.

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Российских спортсменов разнесли за нелепую голую фотосессию: "Прикрывать-то нечего"

Ordinary netizens joined in the ridicule of photographs:

“I don’t know if it’s bad humor or cheap eroticism?”, “Bad cheap humorous erotica!”, “with the amount of steroids that they have made a lot of decisions there to cover there is nothing”, “After doping scandal looks symbolic,” “About, future deputies of the state Duma”.

A full list of who took part in the photo shoot of Russian athletes: semen Elistratov, short track. Ekaterina Bobrova, Dmitri Soloviev, figure skating. Nikita Tregubov, skeleton. Nadezhda Morozova, hockey. Daria Virolainen, biathlon. Egor Anufriev, Mogul. Denis Ayrapetyan, short track. Maria Orlova, skeleton. Alexander Smyshlyaev, Mogul. Julia Shockwave, bobsled. Sergey Trofimov, skating. Alexander Kochurkina, skating. Mikhail Mordasov, Russia. Mikhail Kozlov, skating. Hope Widerker, bobsled. Viktor Ahn, short-track. Alexander Tretyakov, skeleton.

We will remind, the known sportswoman spoke about the events in Russia Show Putin.

As reported Politeka, the world champion of Cycling caught in a doping scandal.

Politeka also wrote that police raided the Russian biathletes: “threatened with imprisonment”.

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