Russian artist jailed for five years for rally on Red Square

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 Russian artist jailed for five years for an action on Red Square< /p>

Action artist Pavel Krisevich was sentenced to five years in prison for depicting a suicide on Red Square in Moscow.

On June 11 last year, Krisevich went to Red Square and fired twice from a chilled pistol into the air. Then he faked a shot in the head.

He was immediately detained and charged with hooliganism with the use of weapons, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement. Since then he has been in jail.

The defendant pleaded not guilty. He called his act a political performance and a way to get rid of the fear of reprisals.

Krisevich is known for several actions.

In August 2020, on the steps of the Lublin Court in Moscow, where the verdict was “New greatness”, Krisevich, in the guise of a police officer, cut the mannequin's throat, splashing the audience with red paint.

In November 2020, he, in the image of Jesus crucified on the cross, was set on fire near the FSB building on Lubyanka. As you can see in the photographs, there were volumes of criminal cases with the inscriptions “Boris Nemtsov's Case” near the cross. and “The Case of the Khachaturian Sisters”.

Previously, he held a rally in St. Petersburg in support of Russian and Belarusian political prisoners, first “hanging himself” using a cable on the Trinity Bridge, and then jumping into the water.

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