Russian aircraft attack Ukrainian cities with unguided bombs

 Russian aircraft attack Ukrainian cities with unguided bombs

For the bombardment of Ukrainian cities, Russian aviation uses unguided aerial bombs. This is reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, on March 5 over the territory of Ukraine An enemy SU-34 aircraft was shot down, which bombed residential areas of the city of Chernigov. The crew managed to eject. The navigator was killed, and the pilot was taken prisoner.

This is Alexander Krasnoyartsev, pilot 1st class, head of air, fire and tactical training of the 2nd mixed air regiment of the 21st mixed air division of the PKS RF Armed Forces – Shagol airfield in Chelyabinsk.

He testified that the Russian command was giving orders to bomb civilian infrastructure and residential areas of cities. In this case, not high-precision weapons are used, as the military commanders and propagandists of the invaders claim, but unguided free-fall bombs OFAB-250-270, FAB-500, OFZAB-500.

This leads to heavy losses among the civilian population and destruction of civilian infrastructure. And such bombardments – another proof of crimes against humanity.

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