Russia will allocate billions to promote the Russian language in the world

Россия выделит миллиарды на популяризацию русского языка в мире

Funding will amount to 7.4 billion.

An estimated 7.4 billion from 2019 to 2025 will be aimed at promoting the Russian language in the world, from the target program of Ministry of education “Scientific and methodological, methodological and staffing support of teaching the Russian language and the languages of the peoples of Russia,” writes the with reference to

The program is aimed at improving conditions for the development of scientific and personnel potential in the sphere of teaching Russian, the promotion of language and education in Russian “in the States — participants of CIS, the republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also in foreign countries.”

“The volume <…> allocations of the Federal budget is only 7 406 134,1 thousand rubles”, — the document says.

In particular, it is supposed “formation of uniform electronic educational space” that will bring together all information and educational resources in the Russian language and Russian culture, the creation of online schools in Russian, the organization of the system of simulators and games on the web with the “purpose of learning and improving Russian language as native as native as foreign citizens regardless of their place of residence.”

Called the percentage of Russians approve Putin’s activity

Also, the program plans to provide Republic of the Russian Federation of teachers and textbooks for studying Russian and the languages of the peoples of Russia. Provided for conducting competitions, contests among the students, organizing extracurricular activities and e-learning courses in their native language on the learning of national history, culture, folk art.

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