Russia was outraged over the demolition of the monument to Zhukov in Kharkov

Россия возмутилась из-за сноса памятника Жукову в Харькове

In Russia, hysterically reacted to the events in Kharkiv, where on 2 June, activists had demolished the monument to Marshal Zhukov. The Russian foreign Ministry wanted to obtain an explanation from management of Ukraine.

The speaker of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova believes that the demolition of the monument to Zhukov is not an ordinary event, but a serious challenge for the new government of Ukraine. “You’ll have to place punctuation marks in the sentence “one cannot be Condemned to remain silent, “she said.

Subscribers Zakharova reasonably objected to her that “in Ukraine, most people do not care about Zhukov“, and this is not a Ukrainian hero. And the General theme of Ukraine in the rhetoric of the Russian foreign Ministry takes up too much space.

Zelensky introduced in the structure of the AP of their assistants and representatives

Apparently, You sleep Ukraine does not. For a long time already it is necessary to understand: we have a different history. There’s only periods, which to some extent are the same“;
If a Russian journalist or politician to cut off the head, it is still three minutes to talk about Ukraine. The Ministry of foreign Affairs needs to do their job. You Mead. And work as foreign Minister“, — suggest Zakharova.

The journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov went to his criticism from the other side and blamed Ukraine for a war with monuments. “Only the dead soldiers and can fight“—he wrote, but instead of approval he received a barrage of criticism.

Ukraine is a separate country, it is their right and desire to make history“;
In Russia, too, it is time to remove all the monuments to the executioners,”;
I like Belarus“;
Your country loans“—wrote the journalist his subscribers.

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