Russia staged a massive missile attack on Ukraine: where did they hit

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 Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine: where did they hit

On August 28, the army of uninvited “liberators” made a mass launch of missiles from bombers in a number of regions of Ukraine.

200 “arrivals” Energodar, which is dangerously close to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, was badly damaged.

Russian troops from the territory of Belarus “demilitarized” center Kharkov, settlements in Dnepropetrovsk region. Four missile strikes were carried out on the military infrastructure in Sarny. There are casualties as a result of a massive missile attack.

So, in Zaporozhye, 9 multi-storey buildings and dozens of private houses were damaged. In apartment buildings, the blast wave knocked out windows and destroyed window frames in apartments and stairwells. 40 private houses were also damaged. Unfortunately, two of them were completely destroyed.

Two rocket attacks on the center of Kharkov are also reported. One office building was destroyed. in particular, it is reported about the arrival in the Kyiv district of Kharkov. Partially destroyed three-story building. All specialized services are working and fixing another crime.

Orekhov was also subjected to massive shelling. With over 200 arrivals across the city, the midtown area was hit the hardest. The center is on.

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