Russia expels US submarine from its waters

 RF expelled US submarine from its waters

A U.S. Navy submarine of the Virginia type was discovered in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation near Urup Island in the Kuril chain. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The emergency occurred right where the military of the Pacific Fleet is currently conducting a planned exercise.

waters of Russia. Ascend immediately!", – they said in the department. – The crew of the American submarine ignored the demand of the Russian side.

applied the means appropriate to the circumstances. “The American submarine used a self-propelled simulator to double the target on radar and acoustic control and left the territorial waters of the Russian Federation at maximum speed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, writes THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE.

They noted that the incident did not prevent the detachment of ships from continuing their planned exercises. But in connection with the violation of the state border, the Ministry of Defense has already called the American attache.

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