Russia discussed nuclear strikes on Germany – Spiegel

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 Russia discussed nuclear strikes on Germany - Spiegel

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Several weeks before the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army discussed scenarios for a nuclear attack on Germany. Western intelligence agencies intercepted the radio message at the end of last year.

The targets of the nuclear strikes, according to intelligence, were to be Berlin, the US air base at Ramstein and the Büchel air base, where the US army stores nuclear weapons. This is reported by the German edition Spiegel.

Security experts evaluate radio messages differently. The use of nuclear weapons was usually discussed and practiced in military exercises – this also happened during NATO maneuvers. It doesn't have to be a real danger.

But on the other hand, experts believe that the Russians deliberately named the targets to intimidate the West, because they knew they were being tapped.

Experts note that Russia's nuclear threats do not yet go beyond words, and there is no real preparation for an attack.

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