Russia can take some of the sanctions

С России могут снять часть санкций

A decision on the EU economic sanctions against Russia should take the EU leaders at the summit in June.

Russia may be allowed to return to the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, but not on those conditions on which Moscow insists.

Russia does not participate in the sessions of the Assembly from January 2015, after applying serious limitations on the powers of its delegation, which was deprived of the right to speak and vote, to participate in decision-making bodies and in electoral observer missions. Because of this, Russia does not pay contributions to the Council of Europe, the debt which has already reached 60 million euros. A condition of his return, the Russians change the rules of the organization, which would have established the rejection of sanctions in respect of all delegations.

However, the newspaper notes, so far to go to change the regulations and a waiver of the sanctions mechanisms, PACE is not ready. This week the speaker of the Assembly, Liliane Maury Pasquier announced the holding of the meeting reglamenting Committee on 3 June, offering to discuss the powers of the national delegations of Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina only in terms of their rights to vote at the meeting of the Assembly.

The impossibility of waiver of sanctions spoke Dutch MP Tiny Kox, which is one of the supporters of the return of the Russian Federation in PACE and may 30, called for Russia to “test the spirits.”

“Sanctions mechanisms need to be in any international organization. It is a way to say: if you do not fulfill the obligation, what are you doing here?” he said, adding that Russia can still be applied to the points of the Charter, including those on exclusion, withdrawal or suspension of membership in the Council of Europe for nonpayment of dues.

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The interviewed experts believe that Russia can only give voice to Moscow to participate in the election of a new Secretary General of the organization, but to remove sanctions and pressure will not.

It should be noted that we are talking about the sanctions pressure in the framework of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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