Russia accused of stealing AstraZeneca vaccine formula to create Sputnik

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RF was accused in stealing the formula of the AstraZeneca vaccine to create the 'Sputnik'

Information was stolen from a pharmaceutical company.

Britain accused Russia of spies working for the Kremlin stole a formula of the coronavirus vaccine Oxford/AstraZeneca and on its basis have created their own vaccine “Sputnik”. Sources from the British security services reported this to the Cabinet of Ministers of the country, reports with reference to Facts.

Important information was stolen from a pharmaceutical company by one of the foreign agents personally. The security services allegedly have strong evidence of this.

The Russian vaccine was created using the same technology as for Oxford/AstraZeneca. Russian scientists have reported that the Sputnik vaccine is highly effective. However, Western experts expressed doubts, saying that the results were “somewhat encouraging”, but the vaccine has not been tested enough. The World Health Organization has not yet certified the Sputnik vaccine.

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