Russia: A form for appealing the summons for mobilization appeared at the “Gosuslugi”

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 Russia: A form for appealing the summons to mobilization appeared at the

On September 27, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development launched the Gosuslugi portal a service for applying for exemption from conscription of employees of IT and telecom companies.

Also at the end of September, IT specialists began to receive notifications about being included in the list for deferment from partial mobilization. To obtain it, you must have a higher education from the list, be an employee of an accredited IT company or a licensed telecom operator, and prepare the necessary documents.

mobilization exemptions for eligible workers. The list includes IT specialties in such areas as mathematics, nuclear physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, architecture, information security, laser technology, forensics, aircraft and helicopter engineering, optotechnics, shipbuilding, personnel management, PR, geology, metallurgy , graphics and others.

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