Running in the cold: what to prepare, so as not to get sick

Бег в морозы: к чему готовиться, чтоб не заболеть

When it’s freezing outside to prepare for Jogging is necessary more carefully

You can’t just pick up and leave for a jog, when it’s below zero. The cold makes the muscles and joints less flexible, so in winter you need special training.

Long warm-up. If before going out you make a quick five-minute warm-up, increase the duration to 15 minutes to lightly sweat. Thus, when you find yourself on the street, your muscles will not be as “clogged”.

Keep your head and hands warm. To avoid wear a hat or headphones snug against your head. Grab the gloves, otherwise your fingers will go numb from the cold.

Бег в морозы: к чему готовиться, чтоб не заболеть

Wear thermal underwear. It’s the perfect shape for winter that keeps you warm almost like a wool coat (but not so bulky) and quickly absorbs moisture.

Бег в морозы: к чему готовиться, чтоб не заболеть

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Not warmed too hard. Don’t dress like you’re going to climb Everest. While Jogging the body begins to actively produce heat, and you simply Peregrines.

Follow the pulse. In the cold heart beating faster — this is necessary for the blood to actively circulate and you won’t get cold. To avoid exposing your body to unnecessary stress, turn off your inner Sprinter. The perfect pulse for the winter runs from 130 to 150 beats per minute.

Choose the right shoes. Ideally, you need to run down the path that was cleared from snow and ice. But, if you’re exercising in the snow, wear shoes with special soles and warm, comfortable socks.

Drink water. And although in the cold you sweat not as active as in the summer, do not forget to maintain water balance in the body.

Immediately go into heat. After a run your body’s temperature will quickly drop, so prepare in advance. If you can complete the training at your front door, well and good; if you need to go home, leave the car in a warm jacket and a thermos of hot tea.

Бег в морозы: к чему готовиться, чтоб не заболеть

Finally, run not more than 30-60 minutes, otherwise you risk to jeopardize your immune system.

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