Running and wine. International half marathon in Israel

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 Running and Wine. Israel International Half Marathon

The International Beaujolais Half Marathon, initiated by Marathon Israel, starts this Friday in the vineyards of the Gezer Regional Council.

The Beaujolais Half Marathon, which draws its inspiration from the traditional race in France, will be held for the third time under the initiative of Marathon Israel in the vineyards of the Gezer Regional Council in cooperation with the international Beaujolais Marathon race in France. A unique event appeared in Israel 3 years ago at the initiative of the Israel Marathon company and its CEO Ofer Padan, who came up with a unique concept, the likes of which have not been seen in the country so far – the connection between the vineyard landscapes and the runner community in Israel.
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 Running and Wine. Israel International Half Marathon

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Half marathon race "Beaujolais Israel" characterized by a festive, colorful atmosphere, where the youngest and most popular wines start, and includes four stages: a half marathon – 21 km, 12 km, 7 km and 4 km. As in French tradition, the marathon in Israel will also take place along the route of wineries, including Barkan Winery, Main Winery, Braun, Bezeq, Yara, Elul, Ben Nun, Segal, Barbado.

Company "Israeli Marathon" in cooperation with the Gezer Regional Council, the main host – the winery “Barkan” and the whole region every year they prove to the whole world, and in particular to the French, that the Israeli public also knows how to live well, enjoy cross-country running, among them thousands of runners who come in various intricate costumes and in high spirits.

The Gezer Regional Council is characterized by thousands of dunams of vineyards and is considered one of the best areas in the country for growing wine grapes. Among the wineries that will hold tastings along the route and that you can meet at the wine fair at the end of the event, you will find Barkan Winery, Main Winery, Braun, Elul, Ben Nun, Bezeq, Ya'are, Staff, Barbados.< br />
Ofer Padan, founder and CEO of Israel Marathon: The Israel Beaujolais Half Marathon, which is starting for the third time, is the most colorful, vibrant and entertaining event in the world of running, which was born in France and became a hit in Europe and Israel. Together with the Beaujolais France marathon we have chosen the Gezera Regional Council and the Barkan Winery to co-host this vineyard event and bring together the landscapes of the land, the flavors of our land, the wineries and the fine wine produced in this region – especially for the Israel running community.
< br /> Race date: Friday, 10/28/22, details on the Israel Marathon website:

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