Rumors are true: Helene Fischer confirms pregnancy

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Rumors are true: Helene Fischer confirms pregnancy

German media already wrote about the pregnancy on Friday based on sources close to the singer. Helene says she likes to keep her private life a secret, but this time someone “close to her” shared the news with the media. “What can I say, unfortunately it came out while we would have liked to keep it to ourselves. As great as the news is, we wanted to wait longer before making it public,” writes Helene.

She finds it especially annoying for those she hadn’t told yet. “Business partners, friends and even relatives,” said the singer. “I only wanted to protect you and indirectly myself. I would have liked to have told you personally.”

“We are very happy with it and I’m doing great”, Helene concludes. The singer is looking forward to the time to come. “An overwhelming and unique feeling.”

Helene, 37, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Thomas Seitel for several years. Before that, she formed a glamorous couple with singer Florian Silbereisen for over ten years.

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