Royal Rumble: Kate Middleton defeated Meghan Markle again

 Battle Royal: Kate Middleton defeated Meghan Markle again

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, won another victory over the Duchess of Sussex Meghan. She was recognized as the most influential royal person, according to The Sun.

According to a survey conducted among US residents, Kate Middleton turned out to be more than twice as popular as Meghan Markle among American society. It turned out that the wife of Prince William won 68 percent of the vote, while the wife of Prince Harry – only 31 percent.

for last year's controversial interview with American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, in which the Duchess hinted at the racist attitudes of some members of her husband's family. She embodies everything that Americans expect from a princess who is destined to become queen, namely, beauty, grace and the ability to communicate correctly,” Anderson said and recalled that at the moment, Middleton and her husband are planning an official visit to the United States.< br />
In June 2020, Kate Middleton defeated Meghan Markle again. The Duchess was recognized as the most stylish woman of the royal family. During the period of self-isolation introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, clothes like the Duchess of Cambridge were sold three times more often than outfits like Markle.

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