Royal family shock: late husband of Elizabeth II has “illegitimate son”

Shock in the royal family: the late husband of Elizabeth II has a

The tabloid press spread rumors that the late spouse of Queen Elizabeth II allegedly has an illegitimate son.

According to information tabloids, the impostor Gunther Focke wrote in his memoirs that he was the son of the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to him, Prince Philip had an affair with the wife of a Nazi soldier during World War II, when he served in the navy. Thus, in terms of age, Foquet is approximately the same age as Prince Charles.

Foquet noted that, having learned the “ truth '' about his father, he tried to prove his kinship with him. But he was allegedly threatened in the palace.

“I don’t want to offend the royal family. But I need some sense of completion, and I won't get it until Prince Philip admits he is my father '', & ndash; he wrote in his memoirs.

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