Rotaru drives Russians into hysterics with his help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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 Rotaru drives Russians into hysterics with his help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru has been criticized quite harshly for helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And she got it from the Russian TV presenter Angelina Vovk, who, in the program of propagandist Boris Korchevnikov, accused the celebrity of financially helping the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who allegedly kill the Russian military.

At the same time, Vovk did not say that it was Russia attacked Ukraine and it was the “second army of the world” bombing the country's infrastructure and killing civilians, including innocent children. But she “was scared to find out that she was sponsoring these people who God knows what they were doing with the Russians now.” "There are a lot of Russians there! How they are killed mercilessly, how they are tortured. I don't get it, I just don't get it! – Vovk said.

It is worth noting that Sofia Rotaru herself has not yet expressed her position regarding the war in her native Ukraine, citing the fact that the artist– is apolitical and avoids talking about it. However, she occasionally posts horror stories of a full-scale Russian invasion on her social media.

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