RosSMI published photos and videos from the place of death of Stremousov

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 RosSMI published photos and videos from the place where Stremousov died

Russian media published a photo from the scene of an accident in which Kherson collaborator Kirill Stremousov allegedly died. , who made a dangerous maneuver, a source told RIA Novosti. According to him, Stremousov's driver lost control while trying to avoid a collision. Stremousov's off-road vehicle was severely damaged: the armored capsule was torn off the chassis,” the report says.

The Kherson region refused to confirm Stremousov's death.

Russian mass media were the first to write about Stremousov's death. They claim that he died in an accident near Genichesk, in the occupied part of the Kherson region.

Meanwhile, a road sign got onto the footage from the place of Kirill Stremousov's death. According to him, the distance from the place of the accident to Kherson is 64 kilometers.

The occupying authorities of the Kherson region assure that Stremousov died near Genichesk. But there is a caveat – this city is located more than 200 km from Kherson.

 RosSMI published photos and videos from the place of Stremousov's death

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