Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Israel struck the port of Beirut with a nuclear missile

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 Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Israel struck the port of Beirut with a nuclear missile< /p>

Russian newspaper "Izvestia" quoted a former Russian intelligence official, General Igor Draganov, as saying that “an Israeli tactical nuclear missile exploded in the port of Beirut.” MASS MEDIA. The only Igor Draganov, whose name appears in Russian publications from time to time, is a footballer.

All that the journalist found on the fact of the explosion in the port of Beirut on Russian news and analytical portals was the statement of a former Russian military official named Leonid Ivashov. On August 7, 2020, Ivashov made a statement on the official Russian website stating that it was probably an air strike because Lebanon has no real surveillance radar or air defense system.

In an Izvestia article, the so-called general claimed that the Western navies were hiding behind humanitarian aid (France, England and America) to hide scientific facts, since the explosion was a global humanitarian catastrophe that could shock Israeli society and destroy the possibility conclusion of a treaty with the countries of the Persian Gulf.

All foreign warships left Lebanon after the arrival of a group of American experts, and Lebanon officially allowed them to enter its sovereign territory for scientific confirmation of the success of destroying the truth.

“General Draganov” argued that Lebanon did not try to find out the truth from the very beginning.

“The judiciary was politicized and the families of the martyrs too, after which hundreds of millions of dollars were legally introduced into Lebanon under the guise of restoring the port and helping families,” — newspaper quotes its “phantom”.

According to him, the real purpose of the bombing of the port of Beirut was to strike at the largest port in the eastern Mediterranean and the Lebanese banking sector in order to take them out of competition with the port of Haifa and Israeli banks.

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