Rosh Hayin rowdy to stand trial

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 Rosh HaAyin rowdy to stand trial

A resident of Rosh HaAyin will stand trial for harming her neighbors in her house. It is reported that a 40-year-old woman constantly clashed with her neighbors in the house.

There are cases when she called one of the residents of the house a “stinking Jew”; , and at the door of the second staged a rout.

The indictment was filed in court after a two-year conflict in an apartment building. Neighbors have long suffered from the behavior of a woman who cannot get along with anyone, but the police were contacted after a recent out of the ordinary incident.

It is reported that a few months ago she hit a neighbor in the face when he passed past the stairs. A little later, she went upstairs to another tenant, who decorated the stairwell with two paintings and a sculpture, and ruined the art.

The damage was estimated at 45,000 shekels. After such an outburst, the neighbors called the police. Law enforcement officers hardly managed to get into the rowdy's apartment, she refused to open the doors. The police demanded that the woman go with them to the station, but she began to resist, which forced the officers to use force. to a policeman during the performance of his duties and the use of force and threats during detention.

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