Ronaldo severely shamed for inappropriate selfie on the plane: “Delete this photo”

Роналду жестко пристыдили за неуместное селфи в самолете: «Удали это фото»

Star striker Turin club Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo got involved in an unpleasant situation

Eminent forward has posted a photo which does not correspond to the tragic events that now the whole world is watching.

Ronaldo was criticized for a photo in the plane, which he posted himself on Twitter.

Роналду жестко пристыдили за неуместное селфи в самолете: «Удали это фото»

In the picture the player sitting in a luxurious plane with a smile taking a selfie.

Роналду жестко пристыдили за неуместное селфи в самолете: «Удали это фото»

The capture of a passenger plane with the Russians, “emergency measures”
The incident

This photo caused a flurry of disgruntled comments in connection with the tragic events that unfolded around the disappearance of the Argentinian footballer emiliano Sala Monday January 21.

“An incredible level of insensitivity and selfishness here”, “the King of bad timings”, “Delete this photo” — write comment.

Former England player Gary Linker also not spared by the clearly inappropriate photo of his colleagues.

He did repost the entry of Ronaldo with the caption: “not a great day for such posts. By far”.

Роналду жестко пристыдили за неуместное селфи в самолете: «Удали это фото»

Recall that the new Cardiff city was flying the plane from France to Britain on his first training day at the new club.

After prompting the pilot to reduce altitude due to severe weather conditions, communication with the aircraft was lost. The search for emiliano Sala and the pilot continuing for the third day.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the decision Emiliana Fat fly by night across the English channel in heavy rain or snowfall in a single – engine plane called a fatal mistake of the player. That opinion has been shared by a former pilot Jorge Polanco, commenting on the news of the disappearance of the plane.

Aviaekspert believes that it was madness to allow emiliano Zapata Fat to fly in such conditions in winter.

Jorge Polanco acknowledges that the Piper Malibu is a good plane, but it is not designed for flight in such conditions.

Also, the pilot considers that this mistake cost the player a life.

“To fly over the English channel at night on the aircraft with a single engine is crazy. Someone allowed this guy to go to stupidity, which cost him his life. Piper Malibu is a great plane, but to fly it at night with the light of the European winter is just crazy. Don’t understand how this could happen”, — transfers words of the pilot TyC Sports.

Earlier, the father of the missing player made an emotional statement: “I can’t believe.”

As reported Politeka, the last message disappeared players of Cardiff have become prophetic: “God, how scary.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the fans EN masse in support of the missing players: “More than a player”.

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