Ronaldo fans take revenge on Moroccan child for celebrating at World Cup 2022

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 Ronaldo fans take revenge on Moroccan child for celebrating World Cup 2022 < /p>

In the quarter-finals, the Moroccan team defeated Portugal 1-0, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo without the World Cup. This success was especially significant for the Moroccans, because before that, the African teams had never reached the semi-finals of the World Cup.

After the game, Ronaldo burst into tears, but the Moroccan fans only mocked his tears. Particularly distinguished 9-year-old girl, who “indicated” Cristiano airport direction.

“Portugal, the airport is there. Where is Ronaldo? He is crying in his car. Poor Ronaldo”, – said the little cheerleader in euphoria.

In response, the girl received a massive hate from Ronaldo's personal fans. She was threatened and called names, because of which she broke down psychologically. The mother of a fan told about it. She says that the girl was bullied even at school. It got to the point that the mother, on behalf of her daughter, asked for forgiveness in front of the millionth army of Ronaldo's fans.

โ€œShe only repeated what she heard around. She is still a child, she is nine years old, and she only wanted to express her joy. But, unfortunately, she became a victim of the media. I apologize to Cristiano Ronaldo fans for what happened. Please imagine your younger sister in her place, because she did not say these words seriously”, – the woman spoke.

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