Ron Huldai vs Wolt

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 Ron Huldai vs Wolt

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Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai has decided to tackle the countless traffic violations by people who work with the Wolt delivery service.

Huldai met with Wolt Israel CEO Leon Eshkol .

Huldai said: “ I understand that many residents of the city use the services of your company, but we cannot allow this kind of activity to continue at any cost.

On Twitter, Huldai wrote: “This is our blood, and human life is more precious than lunch . I certainly welcome the DOT's initiative to license every e-bike or scooter, but I don't intend to sit and do nothing until the registration process is complete. This may take a long time. In the meantime, we will start working through parallel channels. Today, Wolt couriers play too big a role in the process of degradation of the driving culture in the city. This should end. And I'm not interested in whether the couriers are employees of the company or freelancers. That courier who drove down the sidewalk will have to look for a new job very quickly. There will be no more warnings”.

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