Romania imposes fines for wearing fabric masks

Romania introduced fines for wearing fabric masks

Wearing a cloth mask instead of a surgical or FFP2 mask in Romania will be punished with a $ 570 fine. Police and gendarmes will monitor compliance with the rules.

This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Romania Lucian Bode. He clarified that masks will have to be worn in all indoor and outdoor public places. That is, on the street too.

“Experts say that the Omicron strain It spreads very quickly and is highly contagious, in these conditions, wearing a mask is very important to stop the spread. The penalty for wearing an inappropriate mask is equal to the penalty for not wearing one, '' Bode said, writes Newswep.

The new rules state that people suffering from diseases that affect the ability to saturate oxygen can be exempted from wearing masks by the attending physician.

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