Roman Kostomarov's legs were amputated to the knee

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 Roman Kostomarov's legs were amputated to the knee

New information about the condition of Roman Kostomarov has appeared. As it became known, the amputations were more difficult than reported. At the same time, the “windpipe” was removed from the athlete. – that's what they call a tracheostomy, but they didn't close the hole in the trachea just in case.

Roman Kostomarov is conscious. “Kostomarov really came to his senses, his wife, figure skater Oksana Domnina, is constantly next to him,” a source in the hospital said.

Having regained consciousness, Roman demanded ice cream and to wash his hair.

The source also said that not only Roman's feet were amputated, but also the shins of both legs, as well as the entire right hand. His body is very weak. Kostomarov has lost more than 25 kg of weight.

“His second arm is turning black now, the doctors have not yet decided whether to do an amputation or not. Manipulations are carried out with the hand in the form of cleaning,” the interlocutor specified.

Roman still has multiple organ failure. All organs are exhausted and cannot work on their own.

According to Lev Averbakh, general director of a private ambulance, the patient's body is struggling, “but some kind of septic shock may start again.”

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