Roman Kostomarov became worse after amputation

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 Roman Kostomarov got worse after amputation

Roman Kostomarov's tissue necrosis continues to grow, and now his fingers can be amputated. In addition, doctors note that the champion has serious problems with the heart and blood vessels, seriously fearing a stroke and failure of the liver and kidneys. The blood flow has not recovered.

At the moment, Roman Kostomarov is breathing with the help of a ventilator. The figure skater faces amputation of both hands if the process of blood clots does not stop.

It is known that Roman has lost a lot of weight, he receives food through a tube. Against the background of gangrene, Roman may develop a wound infection. Then you will have to do repeated operations, prescribe antibiotic therapy. And if bone tissue is affected – osteomyelitis – you will have to fight the disease all your life.

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