Rolling blackouts in Kosovo due to energy crisis

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 Rolling blackouts in Kosovo due to energy crisis

Kosovo's energy distribution company, KEDS, said the blackouts that began on Monday morning, August 15, were caused by a lack of domestic production and high energy import prices. After every six hours of work, the electricity will be cut off for two hours. It is not yet known how long the restrictions will last.

KEDS said it receives only 500 MWh from all power plants in the country, while consumption is now reaching 800 MWh.

At present, KEDS and the national transmission system operator KOSTT cannot afford to import electricity, so they must rely only on domestic production.

About 90% of the electricity in the country is produced using coal, and power the company said it had taken nearly half of its generators out of service for regular maintenance to prepare them for the winter, as power consumption would more than double in winter.

In early August, Kosovo's parliament declared a 60-day state of emergency energy to help the government take all necessary measures, including power outages, to overcome the crisis.

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