Rocks collapse on two beaches in Israel

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 Rocks collapse on two beaches in Israel

South of Apollonia National Park rocks collapsed in the Herzliya area and in the Shoshanatha Amakim area in the northern suburbs of Netanya.

It is reported that a mass of sand and large stones rolled onto the beach, fortunately no one was injured on the beach.
< br /> "The rescuers who arrived at the scene found that there were no people under the rubble of the collapsed rock. The police examined the area with dogs”, — the message says.

“The sea has been grinding down the high seashore for many years. The rocks are crumbling, approaching the first building line. The limestone rock stretches along the sea for a distance of 45 km. In recent years, in some places, residents have already been evacuated from buildings. In Ashkelon, the sea reclaimed 22 meters from the cliff. Already by 2010, the loss from the erosion of the rock amounted to about 800 million shekels”, — writes IsraelInfo.

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