Rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis dies

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 Rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis dies< /p>

Singer and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis, a prominent rock and roll pioneer and emerging country star, has died. He was 87. His death was announced by artist spokesman Zack Farnum.

“Judith, his wife, was by his side when he passed away at his home in Desoto County, Mississippi, south of Memphis. In his last days, he told her that he welcomed the afterlife and was not afraid,” — Farnum said in a statement.

Note that Lewis — the first member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, opened in 1986, the recipient of the Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and at the age of 86 — member of the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2022 — was a powerful keyboardist, mercurial vocalist and boisterous, unpredictable showman who could handle just about any song, be it rock and roll, country, R&B, gospel or pop.

Lewis wrote on Instagram over the weekend that he was too ill to attend the Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony:
“It is with heartfelt sadness and disappointment that I am writing to you today from my hospital bed, instead of sharing my thoughts personally. I did my best to gain strength to come today — I've been looking forward to this ever since I found out about it earlier this year. My sincere apologies to all of you for missing out on this great event, but I hope to see you all soon”, — Lewis wrote.

Lewis has been married four times. His first wife, Jaren Pate, drowned in 1983. A two-month marriage to Shawn Stevens ended with her fatal drug overdose in 1984. And the third wife, Kerry McCarver, divorced him in 2004. He married his guardian Judith in 2012.

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