Robbery of the widow of Gradsky: the detainee did not know about the crime

 Robbery of Gradsky's widow: the detainee did not know about the crime

New details of the robbery of the widow of the legendary musician Alexander Gradsky Marina Kotashenko appeared in the press. true.

According to detained Zhabborov, he was driving and picked up a group of robbers in the city of Aprelevka.

Zhabborov's wife also testified, and said that her husband was involved in the crime was not intentional: he was offered to “call”, to transport people.

They told him: you will work as a taxi driver once, and we will close your debt – 150 thousand rubles. Like, pick up people at such and such a time in such and such a place. But he did not know that he would become an accomplice in the robbery,” the woman said.

Zhabborov did not have more detailed information about the robbery, he admitted that the robbers got into the car already without masks, they had a small bag.

The man noted that he did not understand how 100 million rubles could fit in such a bag.

According to Zhabborov, they promised to forgive him a debt of 150,000 rubles for the trip.

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