Road speed cameras in Yosh disabled due to risk of discrimination

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 Road speed cameras disabled in Yosh due to risk of discrimination

Anyone who goes down to the Dead Sea knows well the orange poles standing on the side of the road. "Beware, speed camera", — the sign warns, and drivers immediately slow down. But there is only one problem – these are only statues, columns, because for technical reasons they cannot be activated.

Three speed cameras are installed throughout Yosh: two of them — on highway 1, between Maale Adumim and the Dead Sea, and the third — on Highway 5 in Samaria. If they worked, it would be discriminatory against Israeli drivers who drive on this road.

The reason for the absurdity lies in the fact that the police cannot mail tickets to Palestinians, also because often they have no address at all. So if the cameras go live, only Israelis will be fined for traffic violations.

It was recently announced that 200 Palestinian cars were confiscated last month, a new measure in Yosh and Baal Zini that allows them to to hold Palestinians speeding to account, which has not happened in the past.

Thus, on Highway 1, where two of the useless cameras are located, two weeks ago, the police actively raided drivers who did not comply with the restrictions speed. The radar caught 11 cars that were moving too fast on the road, where the speed limit is only 90 km/h.

Among the drivers were those who were driving at a speed of 165-170 km/h. The caught drivers were deprived of their rights and summoned to court, where they will be punished.

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