Road accident in Golan Heights: one of six injured dies

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 Road accident on Golan Heights: one of six injured dies

A man seriously injured in today's road accident on the Golan Heights dies of his injuries.

According to Israeli TV Channel 12, three cars collided on Highway 978 35 A 1-year-old man was trapped in one of the cars.

He was taken out of the trap in an unconscious state. The medics who arrived at the scene performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but, in the end, were forced to declare his death.

Among the other five victims, a young woman, aged about 23, was seriously injured. Another woman of the same age and a 20-year-old man were moderately injured. Two other victims, including a 3-year-old baby, received minor injuries.

All those injured in the accident were taken to the Ziv Hospital in Safed after receiving first aid.

Earlier today, a 40-year-old motorcyclist died after being involved in a car accident with an ATV on road 869 near Gamla in the direction of Knef. MDA paramedics Nathaniel Azoulay and Liam Schick Palace said: , unconscious and with a multisystem injury. Together with the military medical forces, we provided him with medical care and performed complex and lengthy resuscitation operations, but his injury was critical, and in the end we had to state his death. accident and minor injuries, assistance is provided on the spot,” the message says.

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