Rita Ora tried on clothes from the Ukrainian brand

Рита Ора примеряла одежду от украинского бренда

Rita Ora lost the jewelry for $ 4 million.

Ukrainian brands, more and more conquer the world of show business. So, for fans of domestic clothing joined the popular British singer Rita Ora.

In France, the Cannes film festival, during which Rita Ora was in an incident, the Singer Rita Ora lost the jewelry for $ 4 million. Assistant of the singer forgot aboard suitcase with jewelry and furs total value of which amounted to $ 4 million.

But the cinema event of the year is finished and the artist, forgetting about all the problems, returned to its usual rhythm of life. Rita Ora has planned a long tour, during which he performed at the Big weekend 2019. The performance was organized by BBC radio.

Olga Sumskaya admired the luxurious dress embroidered

Not only a magical show Rita Ora has attracted media attention, but her new costume. The outfit consisted of a pink-orange body, body of the jacket in the style of the nineties, fishnets and multi-colored boots. As it turned out, original and unusual attire incendiary British acquired from the collection of the Ukrainian designer Natasha Zinko.

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