Rishon Lezion mayor's adviser says Israel is a racist state

 Advisor to the Mayor of Rishon Lezion says Israel is a racist state

Marsht Sallih, adviser to the mayor of Rishon LeZion, stated that the State of Israel is preparing to accept the Jews of Ukraine after the conflict with Russia, “but when the Ethiopian Jew is in danger , not a single member of the Knesset will open his mouth. According to him, the state gives preference to “white” Jews.

Amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia and attempts by the Ukrainian embassy to save all Israelis during a threat of military invasion, Sallih wrote:
“What a racist country, God?! When Ethiopian Jews are in danger because of the war, neither the media coverage nor the member of the Knesset will open his mouth. When it comes to white Jews, the whole country rises to its feet. Suddenly, the government fills the embassy with people, and the Secretary of Defense has given the order to go on standby to rescue white Jews. Wow! An opaque and racist country. In this tone, I wish the Jews of Ukraine and Russia to come to the land of our ancestors without any danger and loss, so that we know good days – racists”.

His statements were also subjected to counter criticism. Public figure Eyal Lidor called the statement “racism and incitement”.

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