Rise victorious Cougars

Remontée victorieuse des Couguars

The Cougars, Cégep de Chicoutimi have won the duel for regional opponent of the Jeannois du Collège Alma, on Friday, the signing of a gain of 63-35 at the end of a match, two-time event territory almatois.

The Jeannois have started the game in force with the aerial game to forge a lead of 35-28 at the break of the half. However, the Cougars were able to make adjustments in the second half to handcuff the attack of the Jeannois and spin your way to victory. “It was a match of two time. We went ahead, 35-28, but coming back for the second half, it was more difficult offensively and defensively. It was also very difficult at the level of the special units and to stop the ground attack “, summarized the head coach of the Jeannois, Jean-Philip Caron, at the other end of the wire.

This last has highlighted the positive points of this meeting. “He just needs to continue to put in the effort. Next week, we went back to the job and I am confident that we will be back in force. Defensively, it is sure that there are things to improve, but offensively, there are beautiful things to remember, because our aerial game has been really dominant. It is necessary to continue to build on it. It really has a lot of talent, but it takes just the guys play better, they are the best of their ability and that they give the effort for four quarters. It’s going to come. The guys will pick up the pace “, he concluded by mentioning the four major Franck Olivier Saha and five assists to hit the rear quarter and Jean-Philippe Cordero.

Fit successful
Reached by telephone, the driver of the Cougars, Nicolas Menachi, was very satisfied with its protection. “We gave 35 points in the first half, but our coordinator defensive Quentin Schiano made the necessary adjustments in the second half, so we have not granted any point in the last two quarters. Offensively, it has been very, very constant. Most of our big games are made from the ground. It has gained a lot of yards through the race. We really made the games it had and I’m really proud of my team, ” said the head coach of the Cougars.

The latter was also very pleased to see that his troops have done better regarding the performance and discipline, two aspects that they have had to work over the past two weeks.

Thanks to this victory, the Cougars have consolidated their place in 2nd position in division 3, northeast section of the league in collegiate football. The first rank is held by the Fellows of the Cégep de Jonquière, while Alma ranks third (before games on Saturday).

Even if the Almatois are third, Nicolas Menachi recalled that the Jeannois cannot be taken lightly. “The Jeannois have a good team by the pass. According to me, they have probably the best quarterback in the league and good recipients of passes, is estimated Menachi. Therefore, it is a team to watch. [The first half], they beat us with their player stars that have made great games. Except that in the second half, we took the time to make the adjustments necessary to do more that it happens, and it has borne fruit. “

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