Ripped trousers of Rabbi Kanevsky to be auctioned

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 Rabbi Kanevsky's torn pants will be auctioned

Pants up for auction are described as “saints” . They once belonged to the late Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky, an Orthodox Jewish leader considered by his followers to be the leading authority of his generation.

Kanevsky died last year at the age of 94, and now anyone can own his pants. the bid is $3,200.

The Prime Judaica auction house in the Haredi town of Lakewood, New Jersey, starts March 1st. The item is listed as “Holy pants from the Prince of Torah, our leader Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky”.

The auction house page contains a letter written and signed by Gedalyahu Koenigsberg, who identifies himself as the grandson and former assistant of Chaim Kanevsky.

”I, the undersigned, testify that these black pants… firm Shai Shaul, with a hole in the bottom, was worn by my elder, esteemed Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky, of blessed righteous memory, for a long period of time. I deserved to see with my own eyes how he wears this ”, — written in the letter.

On the website of the online store, Shai Shaul pants cost approximately $13.50 to $16.25.

Letters and court orders written by Kanevsky, left auctions for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, and began to be sold during his lifetime.

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