Riots continue in Barcelona

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 Riots continue in Barcelona

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Mass protests have resumed in Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia. Thousands of people took to the streets. Subsequently, the peaceful action turned into riots, El Pais reports.

In particular, radical protesters blocked the streets, piled garbage on a heap and set it on fire. They also smashed the window of one of the banks and set fire to the chairs of a street cafe, throwing them on the road.

The police are taking measures to prevent clashes between the far right and supporters of the independence of Catalonia.
On October 14, Spain's Supreme Court sentenced nine Catalan politicians and public figures for attempting to separate Catalonia from Spain in 2017.

Guilty verdicts against supporters of Catalan independence led to large-scale protests in a number of cities in the region. More than 200 people were injured in two nights of violent clashes between police and protesters

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