Rihanna won't get paid to perform at Super Bowl halftime

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 Rihanna won't get paid to perform at Super Bowl halftime

Rihanna didn't earn a dime from her sensational Super Bowl halftime performance. However, it did lead to one big announcement – she's pregnant with her second child.

After years of not performing at the iconic sporting event, the singer finally agreed to take part and set social media on fire with an amazing performance on Sunday that didn't include a single guest.

Although you might think the Super Bowl is the biggest stage in the world, watched by about 200 million people, will require a huge fee, it is not. This is a very profitable event, but not for performers. Rihanna, 34, won't get paid a dime for her set, which is a common practice.

This is largely due to the fact that the artists are performing in front of the largest audience they've likely ever had.

The Grammy winner said she thought twice about performing at the Super Bowl, but motherhood eventually inspired her to do so, according to THR.

“When you become a mom, something happens that you feel like you can take on the whole world – you can do everything,” she added. “And the Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, so as scary as it is… there's something exhilarating about this challenge.”

“It's important that my son sees it', Rihanna emphasized.

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