Rihanna became a mother for the first time

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 Rihanna became a mother for the first time

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The famous American singer Rihanna gave birth to her first child. This was reported by the American media.

Rihanna and her boyfriend, musician A$AP Rocky (Rakim Myers) have become parents for the first time. The couple had a son. It is reported that the 34-year-old actress became a mother on May 13, 2022 in Los Angeles.

The details and the name of the newborn child are still kept secret, and a source close to the couple announced the birth of the star.

Rihanna's pregnancy was followed by the whole world. She decided to radically change the fashion for pregnant women, so she went out in fairly revealing images, not at all hiding her belly, which grew larger every month.

Rihanna is not yet married to A$AP Rocky, but it is known that that the couple will do so on the first condition after the birth of the child. So, in 2022, most likely, the wedding of the newly made parents will take place.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna announced their future child in the winter of 2022, starring in a photo shoot where a rounded belly was already visible. At the same time, they began to speculate about the imminent wedding of the star couple.

In the spring, they started talking about quarrels and a possible separation of the pregnant Rihanna and her boyfriend. After all, as reported, he cheated on the singer with a famous Hollywood designer. However, the rumors remained rumors, and the couple continued to appear in public together, not hiding their happiness from expecting their first child.

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