Riendeau back in full form

Riendeau de retour en pleine forme

The supporters of the Marquis de Jonquière have every reason to rejoice at the dawn of the new season, as the prolific striker Yannick Riendeau will be back in full form with the formation jonquiéroise for the next season of the League north american hockey.

Injured for the season 2016-17, with the Dukes of Angers, the attacker of the Marquis had undergone an operation in July 2017 to correct problems in the groin and hip. Last year, he had made a gradual return with the team, being used on the games of power. In 15 games, he had still managed to register eight goals and as many assists, but he was not feeling well enough to take part in the series.

But this time, Riendeau will be in full possession of his means. He is eager to jump into action and revise his teammates, he was off work in the last six months.

“I trained tremendously hard, and my tissues have all regenerated. I note that I have taken a lot of strength and I feel much better, ” says Yannick Riendeau in a telephone interview. In fact, for the past two years, I had never felt so good. I can’t say that I feel 100 %, but let’s say I’m at 90 % and above, I have no pain. Last year, I had some pain when I patinais. “

The attacker, 30-year-old has signed a one-year contract with the Marquis, preferring to take the seasons one at a time. To find his form, he has not been idle. “I train every day and I play games on the ice with veterans of the national League. I’m also doing exercises on ice-powerskating. My timing is going very well. It will come back soon enough! “

Training Camp
Riendeau will do everything possible to release them by the end of the week, in order to be able to participate in training camp. “I am very much looking forward to it. If I’m going to the camp at the end of the week, it will be a little more intense than what I’m playing currently and it will give me a little more confidence “, claims the one who misses the team spirit and chemistry that is forming between the players.

Recall that in his first season with the Marquis, in 2014-15, Riendeau had won numerous admirers with a record of 65 points in 37 games (22 goals, 43 assists) in the regular season, in addition to 20 points in the playoffs (5 goals, 15 assists in 9 games). The following season, he left for the Dukes of Angers in France. However, during his second season, he suffered a serious injury that had kept him away from the game. After an operation in France, he had to undergo a new intervention once back in Quebec. After two operations and four tears, say that he has never been able to play at full speed. This time, this will not be the case. It has also got the green light from his doctor.

Recall that the training camp of the Marquis will get underway Friday evening, from 21 h to 23 h, at the Palais des sports. Saturday, a morning workout will take place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., followed by a match intraéquipe of 17 h to 19 h. Sundays, a last training will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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