Ridley Scott decided to revive Maximus and shoot the sequel to “Gladiator”

Ridley Scott decided to revive Maximus and remove the sequel

For a long time, director Ridley Scott avoided returning to his Oscar-winning Gladiator. However, despite the apparent completeness of the first film, there is a real possibility that a sequel is not far off.

He recently announced that he is currently working on the highly anticipated sequel to Gladiator – raising serious questions about how Gladiator 2 will bring back the iconic Maximus.

Appeared in the 2000 film Gladiator; Maximus is a humiliated former commander who fell into slavery and chose the path of a gladiator. He becomes the champion and eventually avenges his father's murder. But, like many movie heroes, Maximus sacrifices his life in the name of fulfilling his mission – and for this touching and tragic ending, the actor Russell Crowe deservedly received an Oscar.

Scott has yet to explain exactly how he plans to get around the death of Maximus, but he has already hinted at many options. In a draft script for Gladiator II, written by Nick Cave, the franchise ditches the relatively realistic setting of the original Gladiator. in favor of Greco-Roman mythology.

So far, the most realistic theory is that Maximus's body turned out to be fake, and the real hero somehow remained alive and well after the end of the original film. Sure, that robs the hero of his heroism and the weight of his sacrifice, but it's the only Maximus revival theory that sticks to the realistic, fantasy-free tone of the original film.

Ridley Scott isn't too interested in making the franchise hype. which he participates and his laconic comments on Gladiator II only confirm this. Let's see how Maximus will be returned in the new film – if, of course, the director really decides to bring him back from the afterlife.

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