Ricky Martin has shared racy photos with her husband: “romance in bed”

Рики Мартин поделился пикантным фото с мужем: "романтика в постели"

Famous singer Ricky Martin showed the photo, where he poses together with her husband in bed

Corresponding photos appeared on his page in Instagram.

Ricky Martin and his husband Swedish-Syrian artist Jwan Yosef chronic lack of sleep after becoming fathers. Six-Lucia that spouses gave birth to a surrogate mother, does not allow to close the eyes of their parents.

Ricky released a romantic selfie, caption which congratulated the wife last Valentine’s Day.

“Two exhausted parents. With Valentine’s Day, Juan. Happy to call you my husband,” reads the caption to the picture.

Рики Мартин поделился пикантным фото с мужем: "романтика в постели"

Earlier it was reported that the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin and his wife, artist Juana Joseph had a daughter. About this Ricky, who has two older sons, twins, announced Instagram.

“Brimming with excitement, to announce that they have become parents of a beautiful and healthy girl named Lucia Martin Joseph. Her brothers and we Divanom absolutely in love with our baby and thankful that I was able to start this 2019 of the biggest gift that could only get with gift of life,” wrote the singer.

As you know, Martin’s sons, MATEO and Valentino by a surrogate mother gave birth in 2008-m to year. As says the artist, boys have different tastes and interests.

Рики Мартин поделился пикантным фото с мужем: "романтика в постели"

“It’s nice to see my kids play the drums with rhythm. At least one of them. The other tends to be a little hippie. It is more interested in nature, water, swimming, flowers. However, one very musical, will see how it goes,” says star dad.

The star admits, many who do not understand why he drags the kids along, because kids need stability.

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“Many people say: “But Rick, kids, they need stability.” I’m their stability… They were born on the road, so they go with me everywhere and they like it. If they spend too much time in one place, then ask: “Dad, where are we going?”, says Ricky.

Рики Мартин поделился пикантным фото с мужем: "романтика в постели"

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