Rhinos will be protected from poachers with the help of radiation

Rhinos will be protected from poachers using radiation

Scientists from South Africa are testing the protection of rhinos from poachers by injecting radioactive material into the horns. This will simplify the detection of prohibited goods at border posts. It is planned to inject radioactive material into the horns of animals, which will be recorded by detectors in ports and airports.

The program, dubbed the Rhisotope Project, is receiving support from the Russian state nuclear company Rosatom, as well as from scientists from the USA and Australia.

Two rhinos have already been injected with a non-radioactive isotope to make sure that the material does not enter their bodies and harm their health.

If tested on printed on 3D printers of animal head models will be successful, researchers will move on to tests on live rhinoceroses.

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