Revolutionary step: women will be appointed advisers on Halacha

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 A revolutionary step: women will be appointed as Halacha counselors

The Ministry of Religious Services has announced that it will open vacancies for female Halacha counselors who will perform duties similar to those of community rabbis.

A revolutionary move to allow women to serve as leaders of spiritual communities, including those without a rabbi, with state support.

In recent years, women have increasingly acted as public halakha counselors whose role has been to advise women in various fields with an emphasis on family values. The vast majority of these halakha counselors volunteered or were paid by the communities, unlike rabbis who receive government funding.

For the first time, the state recognizes the work of counselors as an integral part of society and will pay for most of their work. The hiring of halakha counselors for 21 communities will be funded to provide religious women with support on personal and sensitive issues.

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