Revolutionary discovery: “special” muscles burn fat when you sit

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 A revolutionary discovery:

"Soleus Pushup" — metabolic innovation that rivals any therapeutic approach.

Although the soleus muscle, which is the posterior calf muscle that runs from the popliteal fossa to the heel, makes up only 1% of the human body weight, it can have a great impact on metabolism of the whole organism, if properly activated.

Mark Hamilton, professor of human health and performance at the University of Houston, USA, discovered an optimal activation method he called the soleus push-up. This technique effectively increases muscle metabolism for several hours even when the person is sitting.

“We are not aware of any existing or promising pharmaceuticals that come close to increasing and maintaining whole body oxidative metabolism at this level,” — says Mark Hamilton.

Published recently in the journal iScience, a study by Hamilton shows that the ability of soleus push-ups to support increased oxidative metabolism to improve blood glucose regulation is more effective than any of the popular methods currently touted as a solution. For example, soleus push-ups are more effective at increasing oxidative metabolism than exhausting exercise and intermittent fasting. Oxidative metabolism — it is a process in which oxygen is used to burn glucose or fat.

Based on years of research, Hamilton and his team have developed a soleus activation technique that is different from that which occurs naturally when standing and walking. At the same time, the muscle consumes more oxygen and remains resistant to overload and fatigue.

How to perform the soleus push-up?

When you are sitting, your feet are on the floor and the muscles are relaxed, the heel is raised and the toes remain pressed to the floor. When the heel reaches its maximum range of motion, the foot passively releases to come back. While this movement looks very similar to walking, the researchers say it uses other mechanisms and causes the soleus muscle to use as much energy as possible over a long period of time.

Hamilton calls this the “most important study ever” or conducted at his Metabolic Innovations lab at UH, and said that this discovery could be a solution to many of the health problems caused by the sedentary and sedentary lifestyles of many modern people.

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